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Watching episode When the Bough Breaks and it makes me think of a fic. In this fic Castle does do the 3 book deal for James Bond and then he runs in to Beckett afterwards and they become friends and then something more. Would love to read it again. Any help appreciated.

Fic Help!

Hi, gang! I'm really hoping you guys can help me find a fic; I feel like I'm going crazy! First of all, it isn't that old as it takes place sometime in the near future beyond season 5 (presumably); secondly, the main plot is that Beckett is sitting on a couch, I believe, talking to an infant. At some point Castle comes into the room, and she then begins to tease him to the baby.

It is later revealed that this is Jenny and Ryan's baby, and babysitting her (maybe him, but I think it's a her) has sparked a longing in Beckett and she quietly reveals that she, “...wants one." (To paraphrase what I'm nearly certain is a quote if that helps.)

It was only a one-shot, but I hope I was descriptive enough that someone out there can lead me on the right path.

Oh, and I read it on FF.net!

Thanks in advance.

kidnapped/wilderness fics

Hey there, I'm actually looking for two stories. The first one is on where Kate gets kidnapped by 3XK and he holds her for a while and tries to kill her, but she is eventually rescued by Castle. The second fic I'm looking for is one where Beckett and Castle have to hide from the Dragon by living in the wilderness in this little house for months and then Kate eventually gets pregnant and the Dragon finds them and blows up the house but they escape. These are both older fics, over a year old or so, but I appreciate any help anyone can give me in finding them. Thanks!


I'm looking for a fic where Beckett and Castle get taken to i think some sort of underground lab and they have tests performed to try and cure some sort of virus. I remember that they end up taking quite a lot of Kate's blood and she becomes sick. Please help! Thanks

kidnap/letter fic

I read a fanfic a while ago where Beckett was kidnapped and held for months - I think with the intention of possibly intercepting the file being mailed to her, or something - and she's held in a basement the whole time while almost everyone gives her up for dead. I think the story was told in the form of unsent letters Beckett & Castle wrote to each other while she was gone. Eventually a new guy who brings his kid for her to babysit feels like he has to do something nice for her, and not having been informed who she is or why she's there, agrees to get the newest Nikki Heat book signed for her. She doodles a coffee cup with cherries in it, and tells him he can have Castle sign it to "Nikki Heat." Castle of course picks up on the clues, and they follow the guy back to where she's being held.

Does anyone know what/where this story was? It's driving me crazy that I can't remember.

Help Please.

Hi. I am looking for a story. Its caskett and its a one shot i think. All i remember is its set around Pandora and Sophia is in it. Her and Beckett are at her desk and all i remember is her basically telling Kate she never slept with Castle and the only person she'd be interested in is Kate. And i remember Castle is in the break room getting coffee and the boys go in and I think there mad at Castle and I think one of them slips up and tells him about demming and I think Castle freaks out or something. That's all a remember but i would appreciate any help find it. Thanks.

News from the Lost and Found Box

Castle has just aired it's 100th episode! In honor of that special number, I'd like to see some recs for your favorite drabbles - 100 word fics.

And remember, if you know of a Castle fic that you'd like to recommend, your posts are welcome here! I'd originally envisioned this as more of a ficrec community than it turned out to be, but it's not too late to get that going.

We've found a new affiliate (or rather, they found us), evenafterever, a ficrec journal.

Remember, if you mod a Castle community or a ficrec/fic finders community, we'd be happy to affiliate with you. Just leave a note in the lost and found box.

Complaints, compliments, suggestions? Let me know!

Lost and Found Box:


Ok so this story is a one shot. In the summary it says this he too much and she too little. They break up and then they get back together. It's angst. PLEASE HELP

Thanks in adavnce


I don't know what this story is about. But there is a chapter, Chapter 47 I think it was that shows them having a fight I think it has something to do with his book tour and Castle says I have a job to do too. And then he asks her to leave and goes to his bedroom but she doesn't leave I think she either follows him or sits on the couch.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance


looking for a fic

Looking for an ongoing fic. Alexis has a drinking problem and some guy named Peter spiked a drink after Kate arrested him. Alexis wound up in the hospital.