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Castle Lost and Found

A Castle fic rec and fic finders community

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A Castle fic rec and fic finders community.

Did you read a specific Castle fanfic in the past, and you want to read it again, but can't remember enough details to find it? Ask about that Lost Fic here and maybe we can help find it for you!

Example: I'm looking for a fic where Castle and Beckett are in a car that's underwater, and they're trying to escape from the car before they drown. That's all I remember. Anyone know what fic this is?

Did you just read a fanfic that you want to recommend to everyone that reads Castle fanfic? Tell us about the Found Fic here, so that we can appreciate it too!

Example: I just found a great fic! It's called "The Thing About Mornings" by fialka and it can be found here: http://fialka.livejournal.com/62461.html.
Castle/Beckett Hurt/Comfort UST, written post-season 1.

Are you looking for a certain type of fanfic - anything that anyone's written with your favorite character, a specific plot, or preferred genre? Ask about those Lost Fics here! Be as vague or as specific as you like.

Example: I'm looking for any hurt/comfort fics where Beckett is injured and Castle takes care of her while she recovers. I'm especially interested in fics where Beckett has to move in with Castle while she recovers. Thanks in advance.

Is there a specific author of Castle fanfiction whose works you want to recommend as a whole? You don't just to recommend one fic that they wrote; you want to recommend their collected works? Tell us about that Found Author here, so we can appreciate all their work!

Example: I just found this amazing author, and you have to read everything they've ever written for Castle. The author is veils, and her fic journal is crookedhalt. Warning: the author tends to write R/NC-17 (sexual situations), although there are some that are not. (Her journal has appropriate warnings, and everything's under a cut.)

Are you looking for ficrecs for a particular kind of fic? You don't want just any fic, you only want the good ones.

Example: I'm looking for any good post-Season 2 fics. There are so many of them, it's hard to find the really good ones. Anyone have any recommendations?

1. Asshat Rule:
No flaming, spamming, trolling or otherwise making trouble. You're free to disagree with people, as long as you do so politely.

2. Spoiler Rule:
Please label spoilers and put them under an LJ-cut. In this case, that means information or speculation regarding any episode that has not aired in the US and/or anything that happens in (approximately) the last half of a fic. Read about making LJ-cuts by clicking this link. We also ask that you do not use icons with promotional material from unaired episodes.

3. Pimping Rule:
Please ask first.

4. Common Sense Rule:
Instead of coming up with a dozen more rules about what and how you can and cannot post, I simply ask that you use common sense. If your post seems appropriate to the community, and it's not insensitive to others, it's probably okay.


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