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fic recs please

I hope this is allowed.

I have only just joined the fandom, and I'm looking to read a fic that doesn't spoil the whole show for me. I mean, I know Castle and Beckett end up together, but I don't want to know how and stuff and if someone dies I also don't want to know in advance.

So I'm looking for good, complete fics set early in the series, and if Castle and Beckett get together in the story then great. I would love to read something where it's Castle being a bit unsure of himself (he just seems so cocky and self confident in the show so far), either he's insecure about something, or smething happens to shake him up.

Thank you. If this is not allowed please delete, I just wasn't sure where else to ask.

Looking for a Fic

I'm looking for a Castle fanfic that I read some time ago. It's a few years old, and I read it on www.fanfiction.net. Castle and Beckett are on a date and Castle disappears. He is taken by a man who turns out to be his father. His father is a CIA agent, I think, and has taken Castle to protect him. They hide out on an island for a while and return just in time to help Beckett take down the bad guy (I can't remember who this is, maybe Tyson?) If anyone can help me find this fic that would be great! Thanks!

Lost fic.


I read a story a while back where Castle and Kate get into a fight at her apartment or something and he tells her that he didn't mean it when he told her he loved her (pre couple I believe) and she goes into her room and cries in her bed about it and he comes in to apologize and tell her he didn't mean it and she says something along the lines of "but you took it back." Super vague but it is the only part I remember.

Thanks in advance :)

Lost fic

I remember reading a fic where the team has an undercover op to find a murderer that drugs men in the bar, rapes them, and then kills him. They send Ryan and Espo in, Espo being bait because she usually goes for cocky ex-miliatry men so as Espo is playing the part on the dance floor, Ryan stays by the bar and keeps an eye out on his partner. But then it turns out she targets Ryan instead, drugs him, and drags him from the bar. Castle noticed Ryan hasn't been speaking on the microphone and lets everyone else know. And they have to find him as she almost rapes a drugged Ryan.

i hope I did this right because this is my first ever post on lj so yeah...sorry if I screwed up

Lost fic

Hi, I'm looking for a fic that I read a while ago, Kate was still with Josh and Castle was with Gina, I remember it had Castle and Kate kissing out the back of The Old Haunt and I think that they were caught by Lanie, I also think that Josh saw a picture of them together in the newspaper and got suspicious, can anybody help please? Thanks

Lost Fic

I just read this a couple of months ago and now can't find it. Castle and Beckett are together with plans for the evening when Gates calls her into the office. Robbery needs help with a sting that night and Beckett was specifically requested. So she ends up going to a club with Demming and it turns out it was all a ruse for him to try to get back together with Beckett. I have been going through hundreds of links on FF to find this again. All help is greatly appreciated. PS This is a strong T or M rated fic.

Lost Fic

In this fic Beckett is staying with Castle and when she is looking for something to read he gives her a thumb drive with bits and pieces of his stories on them in folders named such as Derrick Storm, Nikki Heat, etc. In this fic she finds his folder called Dedications and realizes his feelings for her. Anyone have an idea what this is? I've gone through hundreds of fics and haven't found it yet. Thanks

Lost fic

I read a tic quite some time ago where Castle and Beckett were together and Castle had some type of cancer. It's an older fic now and was on the longer side. I don't remember if it was finished or not. It was probably on www.fanfiction.net as that is where I do most of my reading but I cannot find it in my favorites. Any help locating this tic would be greatly appreciated!

Castle goes to court?

Occasionally, references have been made in fic to Beckett having to go to court to testify. Has there ever been fic where Castle had to?

Maybe This Time - Cassie Valentine

Did anyone happen to archive Cassie Valentines fic Maybe This Time before she deleted her fics? I know that she had problems with some members of the fandom and has made it very clear that she and her fics won't be returning, so I'm hesitant to ask her directly about it, but Maybe This Time was my favourite Castle kidfic and I really miss it. So if anyone happens to have archived it and would be willing to pass it on to me so I can at least re-read to the point where she stopped it'd be much appreciated.